Making what’s old new again, revamp your wooden doors today and save time, money and keep your original look. It can be very costly to replace wooden furniture, doors or timber framed windows so its vital that you take care of what you have. Additionally, antique or reclaimed wooden door are a new favorite for house renovation. If you can find a door that needs some extra care and attention, chances are it will look brilliant once finished and probably save you a significant amount of time. Renovating old pieces of furniture is a great eco-concious way of keeping your home looking new and fresh. Living in Southport or Liverpool you are by the coast, that salt air will cause a lot of rapid wear and tear on outdoor furniture so it could be a great idea to apply some of these ideas too.

First and foremost, take time to examine the current condition and quality

Living in the north of England, especially by the coast, your outdoor furniture or timber framed windows are exposed to the elements. It is essential to check quite often that there are no serious issues.

Strip and sand the old furniture back to bare wood.

Firstly, remove any of the metal fixings or handles, this will allow you to get a consistent finish and get in all the areas of the wood.

You may want to use a pull scraper to help remove old finish, however take extra caution if doing so as you could potentially gouge the wood. Take your time and make sure you strip the wood back fully, don’t leave any blemishes as when you re-finish the door it will show and look horrendous. If you are outside, make sure you don’t get any sand or dirt on the wood once it is back to bare wood.

To finish the stripping process, start with a rough peice of sand paper to get out the larger blemishes, then move down to finer sand paper once you are getting happier with the feel of the bare wood.

Try and find a finish that will match the previous style of finish. This will give you the best look

Arguably the best look for renovated furniture is the same look it originally had. Try and find a similar modern alternative to keep the look and feel of the piece.  Once you are happy you have found a good Finnish, gently sand the furniture until there is a semi-smooth feel, once your are happy with the cleanliness and the state of the furniture apply small amounts of finish to the wood and ensure you apply evenly.

Note, if you have any cracks in the wood or gaps, use some wood filler prior to applying final finish to smooth areas out

Seal your refurbished door

Once your stain or paint is dry you will want to apply a seal to the wood.

There are many benefits of applying a seal, most importantly, it will ensure that your hard work lasts a long time. It protects the wood from weather damage including sand, dirt, rain and wind. A highly suggested finish is Polyurethane varnish. Being very hard wearing and lasts a long time its an ideal seal or any outdoor fixings.

Being able to renovate your old timber framed windows, doors or any other wooden based fixings or furniture is rewarding, cost effective and usually ends up in a higher quality result. Its well worth the time invested in learning how to do it properly.  However, if you are unsure of what to do, we offer Liverpool joinery services as well as Southport joinery services.