For many people the cost of a brand new kitchen can be a huge dent to their yearly income and many people just won’t have the cash to spare. However, there are many ways you can improve the look of your kitchen for a lot less. Below are just a few simple ideas to help you with low cost kitchen refurbishment.

1. Freshen up the walls with new paint

Painting the walls in your kitchencan greatly improve the visual appearnace of your kitchen by hiding blemishes on the wall or marks from wear and tear.

Get rid of any old fashioned wall paper as this can make your kitchen feel dated, which unless you are trying to acheive that effect, will take away from anything else you are planning on doing. Skim your walls if you need to, this can be done on a budget especially if the existing plaster is in reasonable condition. Freshly painted, smooth walls can boost the look and feel of your kitchen immensely.

Another very easy yet effective improvement is to use a damp blocking paint. This will hide / stop any greasy marks or areas of damp (obviously don’t just damp block a huge damp issue) appearing on your walls.

2. Get deals from local tradesman

Depending on where you are you can get great deals from local tradesmen which will save you a lot of money. You can start by doing a simple google search for example Liverpool joinery or timer framed windows manufcaturer. Contact them and see if they have any old supplies or can give you a discounted services. There are many great phone apps out there which can help you find tradesmen you trust.

3. Upgrade your kitchen cupboards

Upgrading your kitchen cupboards, in particular the doors, can be done very cheaply whether you use paint or new doors. Reclaimed wood is inexpensive and can have a dramatic effect in freshening up the feel of your kitchen.  If you prefer a more modern, newer look, you can always find great ex display kitchens that are very cheap, and sometimes you can buy a few parts at a time.

4. Don’t forget your windows.

Dirty, old windows will often give a really bad feel to a room. If you have timber framed windows then just re-varnish and clean them, if you have any other style of window, you can purchase cleaners and kits to bring them back and give them  a new lease of life.

Lastly, if you are not confident enough to try any of these yourself, it is a good idea to contact a professional to make sure the job is done right. If you are in the Southport or Liverpool area, contact Hopgood joinery, where we can take care of all your kitchen related joinery work. Please check out our joinery services page for more information.