Bespoke, Interior and Stairs

We've designed and created furniture pieces ranging in size and scale from small tables and cabinets all the way up to book cases and stair cases. All of our pieces are fully custom and fit and finished to perfectly match your home.

Gates and Exterior

We can design and hand craft gates and other exterior pieces such as gazebos and fences in a variety of styles, materials and finishes to ensure that our products not only look good, they're also long lasting and weather resistant.

Wardrobes and Storage

Our wardrobe and storage pieces can be fully customised and precision fitted according to the dimensions of your home. Our pieces can be made in and using a variety of styles, materials and finishes to ensure a perfect match.


From fully custom, built to specification, fitted kitchens, the production of style matched furniture to the customisation and fitting of store bought kitchen sets, we'll help ensure that your kitchen perfectly complements your home.


Our unique timber framed windows are designed to complement the look and feel of your house without compromising on longevity and weather resistance. Our windows can be made in all types and styles to suit your property.


Our handcrafted interior and exterior doors are specifically designed to your requirements. Utilising a variety of different timbers, construction methods and stains we can ensure that our doors are a perfect match for your home.