Terms & Conditions

“We” or “us” means the item / product supplier as stated overleaf. “You” means the person named as the client overleaf. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions unless you notify us to the contrary and return all items received to us within 5 days of receipt. Refunds are not available, no variation of these terms and conditions will be accepted, or be effective.

“Item” is the physical single element which you have purchased and received.

“Furnishings” is the physical collection of products and or fixtures which have been or will be fitted in the place of choice.

“Creator”, “Author” means the creator of a protected work, law states the author of a work is the first owner of any copyright in that work. As the author of a design and manufactured item it is clear that the creator , we, are the first owner of copyright in every design and item created.

The agreement

It is agreed by signature, acceptance of estimate and receipt of deposit that all Terms and Conditions are agreed. This will take effect from the day the signature is made and or deposit received. By signing and or accepting the estimate you hereby acknowledge that you have agreed to the Terms in full, you agree that you have understood, you agree to be beholden to them. The estimate is for the items and or furnishings listed overleaf, this does not include additional items. Additional items result in additional prices.


A booking can be made either orally or in writing, a booking will only be confirmed once estimate accepted or paperwork signed and or deposit received.


A 25% deposit of the overall total is required no later than two weeks before agreed booking, this is non-refundable. Failure to provide this production will not take place.

A further 50% of the overall total is required at the half way point of production, i.e if time is estimated to take two weeks the further 50% will be required one week into production. The retainer must be supplied on completion once you are happy and minor changes are made if needed. Casual payment and payment plans are not an option, if deposit or total payment cannot be provided by you, do not confirm a booking, do not agree to the Terms, do not provide signature and do not issue a deposit.

Late Payment. Failure to provide payment as stated above will result in 20% interest of the total estimate every day until payment received. Production will cease continue.


When a booking is set, Ross Hopgood Joinery will have booked time out to complete administration and planning, we may have turned down potential work. A cancelation fee will be required as follows:
6 days or less equals 100% of the agreed price.
12 days or less equals 50% of the agreed price.
24 days or less equals 25% of the agreed price.
Should production be cancelled for example, you are taken ill and are unable to continue with the agreed booking the option is available to rebook production at no extra cost.

Loss or damages

Ross Hopgood Joinery will not be liable for malfunction of materials, tools, late suppliers, damage of working environment due to property age ect or previous work men’s mistakes, clients failing to be ready on time or absent during production should a problem arise or acts of God. If such events occur the option is available to rearrange the booking for no added charge.


If on completion items or furnishings are rejected, clients are reminded that they are presented with Ross Hopgood Joinery’s portfolio of work either printed form or digital form before a booking is arranged and time, date and location is agreed. Detailed discussions are held and notes made by Ross Hopgood Joinery, design, positions, angels and so forth are discussed before a booking is confirmed, Ross Hopgood Joinery makes every effort to ensure clients are aware of the intended final items or furnishings to be produced. If you reject items or furnishings presented to you during the manufacturing process, the option is available to discuss and begin again for no added charge, if this occurs on completion of production, the overall invoice will continue as arranged, production can be rearranged but will result in an additional charge.

Company Cancellation

If we are unable to attend your booking for any reason such as an act of God, every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement of similar standard at a similar cost. If this cannot be arranged a full refund of deposit will be provided.

Web Use

You hereby agree that we have the freedom to use images of your items or furnishings as author/ creator. We reserve the right to use any images for any period of time for the portfolio or any other form of advertising for Ross Hopgood Joinery. We will never issue images to portray you in a ‘bad light’ or in anything un-tasteful or otherwise obscene which will result in damages to you and your reputation.

Data Protection. We have a strict client confidentiality policy. All information provided by you will strictly stay with us.


Minor changes can be requested if asked for either on completion of production. The difference between minor and major changes are stated below.
Minor changes can be made such as for example, a door needs adjusting, a piece of furniture the final coat of polish needs an extra layer this is a minor change.
A major change is re-hanging of a door or adding decorative features to a handmade piece of furniture. If such major changes are requested this will result in an additional charge, we will contact you if changes are deemed to be major to ensure you still wish such changes to go ahead, an estimate and invoice will follow.


Copyright is an automatic right, the original creator is the rightful and legal copyright owner. All designs belong to us even on receipt of items, Ross Hopgood Joinery is author / creator. Works are liable for copyright when deemed original pieces of work, as we create designs, items and furnishings we reserve the right to claim our works as our own, we reserve the right to create the Terms in which they are published, used or otherwise on public display.
You cannot do the following, if you disregard the following this is infringement of copyright.
1.You are prohibited from placing items or furnishings in public display, or, providing these to third parties without our consent.
2. Designs cannot be copied, published, or sold without the authorisation of us. 3.Clients are prohibited from copying and pasting images directly from the internet and publishing outside our website
4. Items and furnishings are for the clients use only to be presented in their physical area of choice. Copyright is still owned by us.
5. You must credit us as the creator / author as specified by us every time an item is used publicly (subject to application and agreement of license). If you fail to credit the image / item or furnishing an additional 50% of the original estimate will be payable.

Supply of items

1. Clients are provided a copyrighted copy of design before the manufacturing / production process begins for clients approval and consent to continue with the process. On receipt if a client then rejects the item or completed production presented to them a refund will not be provided and further alteration will result in an additional charge as we believe we have made every effort before receipt to ensure you are assured and pleased with the final item you will receive.

2. The items submitted to you are yours to keep once payment has been received in full, our invoice lists all items submitted which are deemed to be received in good condition, unless we receive a discrepancy of damage within 48 hours of receipt.

3. Items are your responsibility from the time we dispatch them. We will not be held responsible should damages occur, refunds are not available.

While we take reasonable care in the performance of this agreement, we shall not be held liable for any loss suffered by you arising from the condition in which your items are received.


1. Please be mindful that costs, administration, consultation, design, supply of materials, production and changes all involve a level of labor and are accounted for fairly in pricing methods.
2. Communication. It is required that the method of communication is kept to letter, email or face to face meetings where possible, ‘texting’ is not a professional means of communication. We operate Monday – Saturday 9am until 7pm.
3.Our failure to exercise or enforce any of our rights will not be deemed to be a waiver of such rights nor bar their exercise or enforcement in future.
5. Should any disagreement arise between us, we shall, if we both agree, first try to settle it by mediation procedure.
If you blatantly disregard these Terms you are liable to be treated accordingly.
6. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit the jurisdiction of the English courts, such jurisdiction to be exclusive, save for infringement of copyright or non-payment of our invoices where it will be non-exclusive. However if our business address specified overleaf is in Scotland then these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Scotland and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Scottish courts, such jurisdiction to be exclusive, save for infringement of copyright or non-payment of our invoices where it will be non-exclusive.

Copyright Ross Hopgood Joinery, Moral Rights Asserted.